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TableService is a Unity Catalog API service that UnityCatalogServer uses to handle HTTP requests at /api/2.1/unity-catalog/ URL.

Method URL Handler Params
GET /tables listTables
  • catalog_name
  • schema_name
  • max_results
  • page_token
  • omit_properties
  • omit_columns
POST /tables createTable JSON-ified CreateTable
GET /tables/{full_name} getTable
  • fullName
DELETE /tables/{full_name} deleteTable
  • fullName
$ http http://localhost:8081/api/2.1/unity-catalog/tables catalog_name==unity schema_name==default | jq '.tables[].name'

Creating Table Metadata

HttpResponse createTable(
  CreateTable createTable)

createTable requests the system-wide TableRepository instance to persist the given table metadata.