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CreateTable represents a request to create a new table instance (coming from TableCli).

CreateTable is POSTed to /tables API endpoint of the TableService (to persist using TableRepository).

Property Required Description
catalog_name Name of parent catalog
columns An array of ColumnInfos of the table's columns
comment User-provided free-form text description
data_source_format Data source format:
  • CSV
  • JSON
  • AVRO
  • ORC
  • TEXT
name Name of table, relative to parent schema.
properties Name of table, relative to parent schema.
schema_name Name of parent schema relative to its parent catalog
storage_location Storage root URL
⛔️ Required for EXTERNAL tables
table_type One of the following:
OpenAPI Generator

CreateTable was auto-generated using OpenAPI Generator based on Unity Catalog's OpenAPI specification.

sbt-openapi-generator 7.5.0 is used in the client sbt module of the unitycatalog project.