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PropertiesUtil is a system-wide configuration of S3 buckets

Loading S3 Bucket Configuration

void loadProperties()

loadProperties loads the key-value pairs from etc/conf/ file into the Properties.

loadProperties prints out the following DEBUG message to the logs:

Properties loaded successfully

loadProperties creates a S3BucketConfig for every tuple of the following properties:

  • s3.bucketPath.[n]
  • s3.accessKey.[n]
  • s3.secretKey.[n]
  • s3.sessionToken.[n]


loadProperties silently skips processing a tuple if any of the properties is undefined (null).

In the end, loadProperties registers the S3BucketConfigs by s3.bucketPath.

loadProperties is used when:

  • PropertiesUtil is created

Looking Up S3BucketConfig by S3 Path

S3BucketConfig getS3BucketConfig(
  String s3Path)

getS3BucketConfig creates a URI for the given s3Path.

getS3BucketConfig creates a bucket path for the following URI parts (separated using ://):

  • Scheme
  • Host

getS3BucketConfig uses the bucket path (scheme://host) to look up the S3BucketConfig in the Properties.

getS3BucketConfig is used when: