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FunctionRepository gets at SessionFactory in a static initializer.

Static Initializer

A static initializer declared in a class is executed when the class is initialized.

Learn more in the Java Language Specification.

This SessionFactory is used for the following:

Listing Functions

ListFunctionsResponse listFunctions(
  String catalogName,
  String schemaName,
  Optional<Integer> maxResults,
  Optional<String> nextPageToken)

listFunctions requests this SchemaRepository for the SchemaInfoDAO for the given catalog (catalogName) and schema (schemaName).

listFunctions creates the following Hibernate query (with the schemaId parameter being the ID of the schema):

from FunctionInfoDAO f where f.schemaId = [schemaId]

In the end, listFunctions executes the query to list all the registered functions.

listFunctions is used when: