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UnityCatalogCli can be launched on command line using ./bin/uc command-line utility.



Personal access token (PAT) to authorize requests

When specified, UnityCatalogCli creates an ApiClient that adds the bearer token in the HTTP Authorization header to every request.

authorization: Bearer [pat]


Default: http://localhost:8080

Launching Standalone Application

main creates an ApiClient and handles the command (specified as the first argument on command line).

Command Handler
catalog CatalogCli
function FunctionCli
schema SchemaCli
table TableCli
volume VolumeCli

Creating ApiClient

ApiClient getApiClient(
  CommandLine cmd)

getApiClient creates an ApiClient with the following:

Attribute Value
The host name of the UC service server option
The port number of the UC service The port from the server option, if specified, or one of the following:
  • 443 for https scheme
  • 8080 for http scheme


UnityCatalogCli uses etc/conf/ as the logging configuration file (via log4j.configurationFile configuration property).