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HDFSBackedStateStoreProvider is a StateStoreProvider that uses a Hadoop DFS-compatible file system for versioned state checkpointing.

HDFSBackedStateStoreProvider is the default StateStoreProvider per the spark.sql.streaming.stateStore.providerClass internal configuration property.

Creating Instance

HDFSBackedStateStoreProvider takes no arguments to be created.

HDFSBackedStateStoreProvider is created when:


getMetricsForProvider(): Map[String, Long]

getMetricsForProvider returns the following performance metrics:

getMetricsForProvider is used when:

Loading Specified Version of State (Store) For Update

  version: Long): StateStore

getStore is part of the StateStoreProvider abstraction.

getStore getLoadedMapForStore for the given version.

getStore prints out the following INFO message to the logs:

Retrieved version [version] of [this] for update

In the end, getStore creates a new HDFSBackedStateStore for the given version and the new state.

Supported Custom Metrics

supportedCustomMetrics: Seq[StateStoreCustomMetric]

supportedCustomMetrics is part of the StateStoreProvider abstraction.


count of cache hit on states cache in provider


count of cache miss on states cache in provider


estimated size of state only on current version


Enable ALL logging level for org.apache.spark.sql.execution.streaming.state.HDFSBackedStateStoreProvider logger to see what happens inside.

Add the following line to conf/

Refer to Logging.