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RocksDBMetrics represents RocksDB stats of a load or a commit.

Creating Instance

RocksDBMetrics takes the following to be created:

  • numCommittedKeys
  • numUncommittedKeys
  • totalMemUsageBytes
  • writeBatchMemUsageBytes
  • totalSSTFilesBytes
  • nativeOpsHistograms
  • lastCommitLatencyMs
  • filesCopied
  • bytesCopied
  • filesReused
  • zipFileBytesUncompressed
  • nativeOpsMetrics (Map[String, Long])

RocksDBMetrics is created when:

  • RocksDB is requested for the metrics


lastCommitLatencyMs: Map[String, Long]

RocksDBMetrics is given durations (of each named commit phase of RocksDB committing a state version) when created.

Commit Phase Metric
checkpoint RocksDB: commit - checkpoint time
compact RocksDB: commit - compact time
fileSync RocksDB: commit - file sync to external storage time
flush RocksDB: commit - flush time
pauseBg RocksDB: commit - pause bg time
writeBatch RocksDB: commit - write batch time

Used when RocksDBStateStore is requested for the metrics.


nativeOpsHistograms: Map[String, RocksDBNativeHistogram]

RocksDBMetrics is given a lookup table of RocksDBNativeHistograms by name when created.

nativeOpsHistograms is created when RocksDB is requested for the metrics (based on the nativeOpsLatencyMicros with RocksDB's HistogramType and the nativeStats).

Native Op HistogramType
get DB_GET

Used when RocksDBStateStore is requested for the metrics for the following: