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StreamingQueryProgress is metadata of a single micro-batch (progress) of a StreamingQuery.

Creating Instance

StreamingQueryProgress takes the following to be created:

StreamingQueryProgress is created when:

Batch Timestamp

StreamingQueryProgress is given a timestamp when created.

The time when a trigger has started (in ISO8601 format).

Event Time Statistics

StreamingQueryProgress is given an Event Time Statistics when created.


inputRowsPerSecond: Double

inputRowsPerSecond is the total (sum) of the inputRowsPerSeconds of all the SourceProgresses (of this single StreamingQueryProgress).

Streaming Query UI

inputRowsPerSecond is displayed as Avg Input /sec column in Streaming Query UI.

Streaming Query Statistics UI

inputRowsPerSecond is displayed in Input Rate timeline and histogram in Streaming Query Statistics UI.

inputRowsPerSecond is used when:

Total Number of Input Rows

numInputRows: Long

numInputRows is a sum of the numInputRows of all the sources.

numInputRows is used when:

  • StreamingQueryProgress is requested for jsonValue
  • StreamingQueryStatisticsPage is requested to generateStatTable (for input-rows-histogram)

Last and Recent Progresses

Use lastProgress property of a StreamingQuery to access the most recent StreamingQueryProgress update.

val sq: StreamingQuery = ...

Use recentProgress property of a StreamingQuery to access the most recent StreamingQueryProgress updates.

val sq: StreamingQuery = ...


Use StreamingQueryListener to be notified about StreamingQueryProgress updates while a streaming query is executed.


prettyJson: String


prettyJson is used for toString.


jsonValue: JValue


jsonValue is used in json and prettyJson.