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WriteToStream Logical Operator

WriteToStream is a unary logical operator (Spark SQL) that represents WriteToStreamStatement operator at execution time (of a streaming query).

WriteToStream is used to create the stream execution engines:

Creating Instance

WriteToStream takes the following to be created:

  • Name
  • Checkpoint Location
  • Sink Table (Spark SQL)
  • OutputMode
  • deleteCheckpointOnStop flag
  • LogicalPlan (Spark SQL) of the Input Query
  • Optional TableCatalog and Identifier (default: undefined)

WriteToStream is created when:


isStreaming: Boolean

isStreaming is part of the LogicalPlan (Spark SQL) abstraction.

isStreaming is true.

Output Schema

output: Seq[Attribute]

output is part of the QueryPlan (Spark SQL) abstraction.

output is empty (Nil)