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EventTimeWatermark Unary Logical Operator

EventTimeWatermark is a unary logical operator that is <> to represent Dataset.withWatermark operator in a logical query plan of a streaming query.


A unary logical operator (UnaryNode) is a logical operator with a single <> logical operator.

Read up on[UnaryNode] (and logical operators in general) in[The Internals of Spark SQL] book.

When requested for the <>, EventTimeWatermark logical operator goes over the output attributes of the <> logical operator to find the matching attribute based on the <> attribute and updates it to include spark.watermarkDelayMs metadata key with the <> interval (<>).

EventTimeWatermark is resolved (planned) to EventTimeWatermarkExec physical operator in StatefulAggregationStrategy execution planning strategy.


EliminateEventTimeWatermark logical optimization rule (i.e. Rule[LogicalPlan]) removes EventTimeWatermark logical operator from a logical plan if the <> logical operator is not streaming, i.e. when Dataset.withWatermark operator is used on a batch query.

val logs = spark.
  read. // <-- batch non-streaming query that makes `EliminateEventTimeWatermark` rule applicable

// logs is a batch Dataset

val q = logs.
  withWatermark(eventTime = "timestamp", delayThreshold = "30 seconds") // <-- creates EventTimeWatermark
scala> println(q.queryExecution.logical.numberedTreeString) // <-- no EventTimeWatermark as it was removed immediately
00 Relation[value#0] text

=== [[creating-instance]] Creating EventTimeWatermark Instance

EventTimeWatermark takes the following to be created:

  • [[eventTime]] Watermark column (Attribute)
  • [[delay]] Watermark delay (CalendarInterval)
  • [[child]] Child logical operator (LogicalPlan)

=== [[output]] Output Schema -- output Property

[source, scala]

output: Seq[Attribute]

NOTE: output is part of the QueryPlan Contract to describe the attributes of (the schema of) the output.

output finds <> column in the output schema of the <> logical operator and updates the Metadata of the column with <> key and the milliseconds for the delay.

output removes <> key from the other columns.

[source, scala]

// FIXME How to access/show the eventTime column with the metadata updated to include spark.watermarkDelayMs? import org.apache.spark.sql.catalyst.plans.logical.EventTimeWatermark val etw = q.queryExecution.logical.asInstanceOf[EventTimeWatermark] scala> etw.output.toStructType.printTreeString root |-- timestamp: timestamp (nullable = true) |-- value: long (nullable = true)

=== [[watermarkDelayMs]][[delayKey]] Watermark Metadata (Marker) -- spark.watermarkDelayMs Metadata Key

spark.watermarkDelayMs metadata key is used to mark one of the <> as the watermark attribute (eventTime watermark).

=== [[getDelayMs]] Converting Human-Friendly CalendarInterval to Milliseconds -- getDelayMs Object Method

[source, scala]

getDelayMs( delay: CalendarInterval): Long


NOTE: getDelayMs is used when...FIXME