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SubscribeStrategy is a ConsumerStrategy that is used for subscribe option.

SubscribeStrategy uses KafkaConsumer.subscribe to subscribe a KafkaConsumer to the given topics.

Creating Instance

SubscribeStrategy takes the following to be created:

  • Topic Names

SubscribeStrategy is created when:

Creating Kafka Consumer

  kafkaParams: ju.Map[String, Object]): Consumer[Array[Byte], Array[Byte]]

createConsumer is part of the ConsumerStrategy abstraction.

createConsumer creates a KafkaConsumer (Apache Kafka) to subscribe (using KafkaConsumer.subscribe) to the given topics.

Assigned TopicPartitions

  admin: Admin): Set[TopicPartition]

assignedTopicPartitions is part of the ConsumerStrategy abstraction.

assignedTopicPartitions retrieveAllPartitions.

String Representation

toString(): String

toString is part of the Object (Java) abstraction.

toString is the following (with the comma-separated topic names):


toString is used (among the other uses) when: