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The Internals of Spark SQL

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KafkaScan is a logical Scan (Spark SQL).

Creating Instance

KafkaScan takes the following to be created:

  • Options

KafkaScan is created when:


  checkpointLocation: String): MicroBatchStream

toMicroBatchStream is part of the Scan (Spark SQL) abstraction.

toMicroBatchStream validates the streaming part of the options.

toMicroBatchStream generate a unique group ID.

toMicroBatchStream removes kafka prefix from the keys in the options.

In the end, toMicroBatchStream creates a KafkaMicroBatchStream with the following:


supportedCustomMetrics(): Array[CustomMetric]

supportedCustomMetrics is part of the Scan (Spark SQL) abstraction.

supportedCustomMetrics is the following metrics:

  • dataLoss
  • offsetOutOfRange