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KafkaMicroBatchInputPartitionReader is an InputPartitionReader (of InternalRows) that is <> exclusively when KafkaMicroBatchInputPartition is requested for one (as a part of the InputPartition contract).

Creating Instance

KafkaMicroBatchInputPartitionReader takes the following to be created:

  • [[offsetRange]] KafkaOffsetRange
  • [[executorKafkaParams]] Kafka parameters used for Kafka clients on executors (Map[String, Object])
  • [[pollTimeoutMs]] Poll timeout (in ms)
  • [[failOnDataLoss]] failOnDataLoss flag
  • [[reuseKafkaConsumer]] reuseKafkaConsumer flag

NOTE: All the input arguments to create a KafkaMicroBatchInputPartitionReader are exactly the input arguments used to create a KafkaMicroBatchInputPartition.

KafkaMicroBatchInputPartitionReader initializes the <>.

=== [[next]] next Method

[source, scala]

next(): Boolean

NOTE: next is part of the InputPartitionReader contract to proceed to next record if available (true).

next checks whether the <> should <> or <> (i.e. <> is smaller than the untilOffset of the <>).

==== [[next-poll]] next Method -- KafkaDataConsumer Polls Records

If so, next requests the <> to get (poll) records in the range of <> and the untilOffset (of the <>) with the given <> and <>.

With a new record, next requests the <> to convert (toUnsafeRow) the record to be the <>. next sets the <> as the offset of the record incremented. next returns true.

With no new record, next simply returns false.

==== [[next-no-poll]] next Method -- No Polling

If the <> is equal or larger than the untilOffset (of the <>), next simply returns false.

=== [[close]] Closing (Releasing KafkaDataConsumer) -- close Method

[source, scala]

close(): Unit

NOTE: close is part of the Java Closeable contract to release resources.

close simply requests the <> to release.

=== [[resolveRange]] resolveRange Internal Method

[source, scala]

resolveRange( range: KafkaOffsetRange): KafkaOffsetRange


NOTE: resolveRange is used exclusively when KafkaMicroBatchInputPartitionReader is <> (and initializes the <> internal property).

=== [[internal-properties]] Internal Properties

[cols="30m,70",options="header",width="100%"] |=== | Name | Description

| consumer a| [[consumer]] KafkaDataConsumer for the partition (per <>)

Used in <>, <>, and <>

| converter a| [[converter]] KafkaRecordToUnsafeRowConverter

| nextOffset a| [[nextOffset]] Next offset

| nextRow a| [[nextRow]] Next UnsafeRow

| rangeToRead a| [[rangeToRead]] KafkaOffsetRange