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KafkaMicroBatchInputPartition is an InputPartition (of InternalRows) that is used (<>) exclusively when KafkaMicroBatchReader is requested for input partitions (when DataSourceV2ScanExec physical operator is requested for the partitions of the input RDD).

[[creating-instance]] KafkaMicroBatchInputPartition takes the following to be created:

  • [[offsetRange]] KafkaOffsetRange
  • [[executorKafkaParams]] Kafka parameters used for Kafka clients on executors (Map[String, Object])
  • [[pollTimeoutMs]] Poll timeout (in ms)
  • [[failOnDataLoss]] failOnDataLoss flag
  • [[reuseKafkaConsumer]] reuseKafkaConsumer flag

[[createPartitionReader]] KafkaMicroBatchInputPartition creates a KafkaMicroBatchInputPartitionReader when requested for a InputPartitionReader[InternalRow] (as a part of the InputPartition contract).

[[preferredLocations]] KafkaMicroBatchInputPartition simply requests the given <> for the optional preferredLoc when requested for preferredLocations (as a part of the InputPartition contract).