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StateStoreAwareZipPartitionsHelper Implicit Class

StateStoreAwareZipPartitionsHelper is a Scala implicit class of a data RDD (of type RDD[T]) to create a StateStoreAwareZipPartitionsRDD to execute the following physical operators:

Implicit Class

Implicit Classes are a language feature in Scala for implicit conversions with extension methods for existing types.

Creating StateStoreAwareZipPartitionsRDD

stateStoreAwareZipPartitions[U: ClassTag, V: ClassTag](
  dataRDD2: RDD[U],
  stateInfo: StatefulOperatorStateInfo,
  storeNames: Seq[String],
  storeCoordinator: StateStoreCoordinatorRef)(
  f: (Iterator[T], Iterator[U]) => Iterator[V]): RDD[V]

stateStoreAwareZipPartitions creates a new StateStoreAwareZipPartitionsRDD.

stateStoreAwareZipPartitions is used when the following physical operators are executed: