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[[creating-instance]] JoinStateWatermarkPredicates contains watermark predicates for state removal of the children of a StreamingSymmetricHashJoinExec physical operator:

  • [[left]] <> for the left-hand side of a join (default: None)

  • [[right]] <> for the right-hand side of a join (default: None)

JoinStateWatermarkPredicates is <> for the following:

  • <> physical operator is created (with the optional properties undefined, including <>)

  • StreamingSymmetricHashJoinHelper utility is requested for one (for IncrementalExecution for the state preparation rule to optimize and specify the execution-specific configuration for a query plan with StreamingSymmetricHashJoinExec physical operators)

=== [[toString]] Textual Representation -- toString Method

[source, scala]

toString: String

NOTE: toString is part of the ++[java.lang.Object] contract for the string representation of the object.

toString uses the <> and <> predicates for the string representation:

state cleanup [ left [left], right [right] ]