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TextSocketSourceProvider is a StreamSourceProvider for Text Socket Data Source.

TextSocketSourceProvider requires two options (that you can set using option method):

  1. host which is the host name.
  2. port which is the port number. It must be an integer.

TextSocketSourceProvider also supports <> option that is a boolean flag that you can use to include timestamps in the schema.


TextSocketSourceProvider is a DataSourceRegister with the short name of socket.

includeTimestamp Option


createSource creates a TextSocketSource (with the host and port).


sourceSchema returns textSocket as the name of the source and the schema that can be one of the two available schemas:

  1. SCHEMA_REGULAR (default) which is a schema with a single value field of String type.

  2. SCHEMA_TIMESTAMP when <<includeTimestamp, includeTimestamp>> flag option is set. It is not, i.e. false, by default. The schema are value field of StringType type and timestamp field of[TimestampType] type of format yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.

TIP: Read about[schema].

Internally, it starts by printing out the following WARN message to the logs:

The socket source should not be used for production applications! It does not support recovery and stores state indefinitely.

It then checks whether host and port parameters are defined and if not it throws a AnalysisException:

Set a host to read from with option("host", ...).