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[[creating-instance]] SinkFileStatus represents the status of files of FileStreamSink (and the type of the metadata of FileStreamSinkLog):

  • [[path]] Path
  • [[size]] Size
  • [[isDir]] isDir flag
  • [[modificationTime]] Modification time
  • [[blockReplication]] Block replication
  • [[blockSize]] Block size
  • [[action]] Action (either add or delete)

=== [[toFileStatus]] toFileStatus Method

[source, scala]

toFileStatus: FileStatus

toFileStatus simply creates a new Hadoop FileStatus.

NOTE: toFileStatus is used exclusively when MetadataLogFileIndex is created.

=== [[apply]] Creating SinkFileStatus Instance

[source, scala]

apply(f: FileStatus): SinkFileStatus

apply simply creates a new <> (with add action).

apply is used when ManifestFileCommitProtocol is requested to commitTask.