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StreamMetadata is a metadata associated with a <> (indirectly through StreamExecution).

[[creating-instance]] [[id]] StreamMetadata takes an ID to be created.

StreamMetadata is <> exclusively when StreamExecution is created (with a randomly-generated 128-bit universally unique identifier (UUID)).

StreamMetadata can be <> to and <> from a JSON file. StreamMetadata uses[json4s-jackson] library for JSON persistence.

import org.apache.spark.sql.execution.streaming.StreamMetadata
import org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path
val metadataPath = new Path("metadata")

scala> :type spark

val hadoopConf = spark.sessionState.newHadoopConf()
val sm =, hadoopConf)

scala> :type sm

=== [[read]] Unpersisting StreamMetadata (from JSON File) -- read Object Method

[source, scala]

read( metadataFile: Path, hadoopConf: Configuration): Option[StreamMetadata]

read unpersists StreamMetadata from the given metadataFile file if available.

read returns a StreamMetadata if the metadata file was available and the content could be read in JSON format. Otherwise, read returns None.

NOTE: read uses for JSON deserialization.

NOTE: read is used exclusively when StreamExecution is created> (and tries to read the metadata checkpoint file).

=== [[write]] Persisting Metadata -- write Object Method

[source, scala]

write( metadata: StreamMetadata, metadataFile: Path, hadoopConf: Configuration): Unit

write persists the given StreamMetadata to the given metadataFile file in JSON format.

NOTE: write uses org.json4s.jackson.Serialization.write for JSON serialization.

write is used when StreamExecution is created (and the metadata checkpoint file is not available).