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[[dataRDD]] StateStoreOps is a Scala implicit class of a data RDD (of type RDD[T]) to create a StateStoreRDD for the following physical operators:


Implicit Classes are a language feature in Scala for implicit conversions with extension methods for existing types.

Creating StateStoreRDD (with storeUpdateFunction Aborting StateStore When Task Fails)

  stateInfo: StatefulOperatorStateInfo,
  keySchema: StructType,
  valueSchema: StructType,
  indexOrdinal: Option[Int],
  sessionState: SessionState,
  storeCoordinator: Option[StateStoreCoordinatorRef])(
  storeUpdateFunction: (StateStore, Iterator[T]) => Iterator[U]): StateStoreRDD[T, U]

Internally, mapPartitionsWithStateStore requests SparkContext to clean storeUpdateFunction function.

NOTE: mapPartitionsWithStateStore uses the <> to access the current SparkContext.

NOTE: Function Cleaning is to clean a closure from unreferenced variables before it is serialized and sent to tasks. SparkContext reports a SparkException when the closure is not serializable.

mapPartitionsWithStateStore then creates a (wrapper) function to abort the StateStore if state updates had not been committed before a task finished (which is to make sure that the StateStore has been committed or aborted in the end to follow the contract of StateStore).

NOTE: mapPartitionsWithStateStore uses TaskCompletionListener to be notified when a task has finished.

In the end, mapPartitionsWithStateStore creates a StateStoreRDD (with the wrapper function, SessionState and StateStoreCoordinatorRef).

mapPartitionsWithStateStore is used when the following physical operators are executed: