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ProcessingTimeExecutor is a TriggerExecutor that executes a trigger handler every ProcessingTimeTrigger (until the handler returns false).

ProcessingTimeExecutor is created for the following Triggers:

Continuous Stream Processing

ProcessingTimeExecutor is the only TriggerExecutor supported in Continuous Stream Processing.

Creating Instance

ProcessingTimeExecutor takes the following to be created:

ProcessingTimeExecutor is created when:

Executing Trigger

  triggerHandler: () => Boolean): Unit

execute is part of the TriggerExecutor abstraction.

execute calculates the next batch's start time.

execute executes the given triggerHandler every processingTimeTrigger until the given triggerHandler returns false (to signal execution termination).

Next Batch's Start Time

  now: Long): Long

nextBatchTime returns the start time (in millis) of the next batch interval given the current now time.