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OffsetSeqMetadata — Metadata of Streaming Batch

OffsetSeqMetadata holds the metadata for the current streaming batch:

OffsetSeqMetadata is used mainly when IncrementalExecution is created.

[[relevantSQLConfs]] OffsetSeqMetadata considers some configuration properties as relevantSQLConfs:

relevantSQLConfs are used when OffsetSeqMetadata is created and is requested to setSessionConf.

Creating OffsetSeqMetadata

  batchWatermarkMs: Long,
  batchTimestampMs: Long,
  sessionConf: RuntimeConfig): OffsetSeqMetadata


apply is used when...FIXME

=== [[setSessionConf]] setSessionConf Method

[source, scala]

setSessionConf(metadata: OffsetSeqMetadata, sessionConf: RuntimeConfig): Unit


NOTE: setSessionConf is used when...FIXME