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DataStreamWriter is an interface that Spark developers use to describe when the result of executing a streaming query is sent out to a streaming data source.

Accessing DataStreamWriter

DataStreamWriter is available using Dataset.writeStream method.

import org.apache.spark.sql.streaming.DataStreamWriter
import org.apache.spark.sql.Row

val streamingQuery: Dataset[Long] = ...


val writer: DataStreamWriter[Row] = streamingQuery.writeStream

Writing to ForeachWriter

  writer: ForeachWriter[T]): DataStreamWriter[T]

Sets ForeachWriter as responsible for streaming writes

Writing Micro-Batches to ForeachBatchSink

  function: (Dataset[T], Long) => Unit): DataStreamWriter[T]

Sets the source as foreachBatch and creates a ForeachBatchSink to be responsible for streaming writes.


As per SPARK-24565 Add API for in Structured Streaming for exposing output rows of each microbatch as a DataFrame, the purpose of the method is to expose the micro-batch output as a dataframe for the following:

Pass the output rows of each batch to a library that is designed for the batch jobs only Reuse batch data sources for output whose streaming version does not exist Multi-writes where the output rows are written to multiple outputs by writing twice for every batch

Streaming Sink by Name

  source: String): DataStreamWriter[T]

Specifies the streaming sink by name (alias)

Output Mode

  outputMode: OutputMode): DataStreamWriter[T]
  outputMode: String): DataStreamWriter[T]

Specifies the OutputMode of the streaming query (what data is sent out to a streaming sink when there is new data available in streaming data sources)

Default: Append

import org.apache.spark.sql.streaming.OutputMode.Update
val inputStream = spark
  .outputMode(Update) // <-- update output mode

Partitioning Streaming Writes

  colNames: String*): DataStreamWriter[T]

Query Name

  queryName: String): DataStreamWriter[T]

Assigns the name of a query that is just an additional option with the key queryName.

Starting Streaming Query (Streaming Writes)

start(): StreamingQuery
// Explicit `path` (that could also be specified as an option)
  path: String): StreamingQuery

Creates and immediately starts a StreamingQuery that is returned as a handle to control the execution of the query

Internally, start branches off per source.

  • memory
  • foreach
  • other formats


start throws an AnalysisException for source to be hive.

val q =  spark.
  format("hive") <-- hive format used as a streaming sink
scala> q.start
org.apache.spark.sql.AnalysisException: Hive data source can only be used with tables, you can not write files of Hive data source directly.;
  at org.apache.spark.sql.streaming.DataStreamWriter.start(DataStreamWriter.scala:234)
  ... 48 elided


  trigger: Trigger): DataStreamWriter[T]

Sets the Trigger for how often the streaming query should be executed

Default: ProcessingTime(0L) that runs a streaming query as often as possible.