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RangeFrame is a FrameType of WindowSpecs with the following:

  1. rangeBetween operator or RANGE BETWEEN SQL clause
  2. Unspecified frame with an order specification

CumeDist Expression

CumeDist window function expression requires a RangeFrame with UnboundedPreceding and CurrentRow.

It is because CUME_DIST must return the same value for equal values in the partition.

UnspecifiedFrame with Order Specification and ResolveWindowFrame

RangeFrame with UnboundedPreceding and CurrentRow is assumed (by ResolveWindowFrame logical resolution rule) for ordered window specifications (WindowSpecDefinitions with UnspecifiedFrame but a non-empty order specification).


inputType: AbstractDataType

inputType can be any of the following numeric and interval data types:

  • NumericType
  • CalendarIntervalType
  • DayTimeIntervalType
  • YearMonthIntervalType

inputType is part of the FrameType abstraction.


sql: String

sql is RANGE.

sql is part of the FrameType abstraction.