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Vectorized Parquet Decoding (Reader)

Vectorized Parquet Decoding (Vectorized Parquet Reader) allows for reading datasets in parquet format in batches, i.e. rows are decoded in batches. That aims at improving memory locality and cache utilization.

Quoting SPARK-12854 Vectorize Parquet reader:

The parquet encodings are largely designed to decode faster in batches, column by column. This can speed up the decoding considerably.

Vectorized Parquet Decoding is used exclusively when ParquetFileFormat is requested for a data reader when spark.sql.parquet.enableVectorizedReader property is enabled (true) and the read schema uses AtomicTypes data types only.

Vectorized Parquet Decoding uses VectorizedParquetRecordReader for vectorized decoding (and ParquetReadSupport otherwise).