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SparkListenerSQLExecutionEnd is a SparkListenerEvent (Spark Core).

SparkListenerSQLExecutionEnd is posted (to an event bus) to announce that SQLExecution has completed executing a structured query.

Creating Instance

SparkListenerSQLExecutionEnd takes the following to be created:

SparkListenerSQLExecutionEnd is created when:

Execution ID

SparkListenerSQLExecutionEnd is given executionId when created.

The execution ID is the next available execution ID when SQLExecution is requested to withNewExecutionId.


SparkListenerSQLExecutionEnd is given a timestamp when created.

The timestamp is the time when SQLExecution has finished withNewExecutionId.


SparkListenerSQLExecutionEnd can be intercepted using SparkListener.onOtherEvent (Spark Core).


The following SparkListeners intercepts SparkListenerSQLExecutionEnds:


SparkListenerSQLExecutionEnd is posted to QueryExecutionListeners using ExecutionListenerBus.