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User-Friendly Names Of Cached Queries in web UI's Storage Tab

As you may have noticed, web UI's Storage tab displays some[cached queries] with user-friendly RDD names (e.g. "In-memory table [name]") while others not (e.g. "Scan JDBCRelation...").

.Cached Queries in web UI (Storage Tab) image::images/spark-sql-caching-webui-storage.png[align="center"]

"In-memory table [name]" RDD names are the result of SQL's[CACHE TABLE] or when Catalog is requested to cache a table.

[source, scala]

// register Dataset as temporary view (table) spark.range(1).createOrReplaceTempView("one") // caching is lazy and won't happen until an action is executed val one = spark.table("one").cache // The following gives "*Range (0, 1, step=1, splits=8)" // WHY?!

scala> spark.catalog.isCached("one") res0: Boolean = true


import // caching is lazy spark.catalog.cacheTable("one", StorageLevel.MEMORY_ONLY) // The following gives "In-memory table one"

spark.range(100).createOrReplaceTempView("hundred") // SQL's CACHE TABLE is eager // The following gives "In-memory table hundred" // WHY single quotes? spark.sql("CACHE TABLE hundred")

// register Dataset under name val ds = spark.range(20) spark.sharedState.cacheManager.cacheQuery(ds, Some("twenty")) // trigger an action ds.head

The other RDD names are due to[caching a Dataset].

[source, scala]

val ten = spark.range(10).cache ten.head

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