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WindowFunctionFrame is a <> for...FIXME

[[implementations]] .WindowFunctionFrame's Implementations [width="100%",cols="1,2",options="header"] |=== | Name | Description

[[SlidingWindowFunctionFrame]] SlidingWindowFunctionFrame

=== [[UnboundedWindowFunctionFrame]] UnboundedWindowFunctionFrame

UnboundedWindowFunctionFrame is a WindowFunctionFrame that gives the same value for every row in a partition.

UnboundedWindowFunctionFrame is created for AggregateFunctions (in AggregateExpressions) or AggregateWindowFunctions with no frame defined (i.e. no rowsBetween or rangeBetween) that boils down to using the[entire partition frame].

[[UnboundedWindowFunctionFrame-creating-instance]] UnboundedWindowFunctionFrame takes the following when created:

==== [[UnboundedWindowFunctionFrame-prepare]] prepare Method

[source, scala]

prepare(rows: ExternalAppendOnlyUnsafeRowArray): Unit

prepare requests AggregateProcessor to initialize passing in the number of UnsafeRows in the input ExternalAppendOnlyUnsafeRowArray.

prepare then requests ExternalAppendOnlyUnsafeRowArray to generate an interator.

In the end, prepare requests AggregateProcessor to update passing in every UnsafeRow in the iterator one at a time.

==== [[UnboundedWindowFunctionFrame-write]] write Method

[source, scala]

write(index: Int, current: InternalRow): Unit

write simply requests <> to[evaluate] the <>.

=== [[contract]] WindowFunctionFrame Contract

[source, scala]

package org.apache.spark.sql.execution.window

abstract class WindowFunctionFrame { def prepare(rows: ExternalAppendOnlyUnsafeRowArray): Unit def write(index: Int, current: InternalRow): Unit }

NOTE: WindowFunctionFrame is a private[window] contract.

.WindowFunctionFrame Contract [cols="1,2",options="header",width="100%"] |=== | Method | Description

| [[prepare]] prepare | Used when WindowExec operator fetches all UnsafeRows for a partition (passing in ExternalAppendOnlyUnsafeRowArray with all UnsafeRows).

| [[write]] write | Used when the [IteratorInternalRow] (from executing WindowExec) is requested a next row |===

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