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ProjectExec Unary Physical Operator

ProjectExec is a unary physical operator with support for Java code generation that represents Project logical operator at execution.

Creating Instance

ProjectExec takes the following to be created:

ProjectExec is created when:

Executing Physical Operator

doExecute(): RDD[InternalRow]

doExecute is part of the SparkPlan abstraction.

doExecute requests the child physical plan to execute and mapPartitionsWithIndexInternal.


doExecute uses RDD.mapPartitionsWithIndexInternal.

  f: (Int, Iterator[T]) => Iterator[U],
  preservesPartitioning: Boolean = false)

doExecute creates an UnsafeProjection for the named expressions and (the output of) the child physical operator.

doExecute requests the UnsafeProjection to initialize and maps over the internal rows (of a partition) using the projection.

Output Attributes

output: Seq[Attribute]

output is part of the QueryPlan abstraction.

output is the NamedExpressions converted to Attributes.