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BroadcastQueryStageExec Physical Operator

BroadcastQueryStageExec is a QueryStageExec.

Creating Instance

BroadcastQueryStageExec takes the following to be created:

BroadcastQueryStageExec is created when:

Runtime Statistics

getRuntimeStatistics: Statistics

getRuntimeStatistics is part of the QueryStageExec abstraction.

getRuntimeStatistics requests the BroadcastExchangeLike operator for the runtime statistics.


materializeWithTimeout: Future[Any]

materializeWithTimeout is...FIXME

BroadcastExchangeExec Physical Operator

broadcast: BroadcastExchangeExec

BroadcastQueryStageExec creates a BroadcastExchangeExec when created.

Creating BroadcastQueryStageExec Physical Operator

  newStageId: Int,
  newOutput: Seq[Attribute]): QueryStageExec

newReuseInstance creates a new BroadcastQueryStageExec with the given newStageId and a new ReusedExchangeExec (with the given newOutput and the broadcast).

newReuseInstance is part of the QueryStageExec abstraction.