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AggregateProcessor is <> and used exclusively when WindowExec physical operator is executed.

AggregateProcessor supports[DeclarativeAggregate] and[ImperativeAggregate] aggregate <> only (which[happen to] be[AggregateFunction] in AggregateExpression or AggregateWindowFunction).

[[properties]] .AggregateProcessor's Properties [cols="1,2",options="header",width="100%"] |=== | Name | Description

| [[buffer]] buffer | SpecificInternalRow with data types given <> |===

NOTE: AggregateProcessor is <> using AggregateProcessor factory object (using <> method).

=== [[apply]][[functions]] apply Factory Method

[source, scala]

apply( functions: Array[Expression], ordinal: Int, inputAttributes: Seq[Attribute], newMutableProjection: (Seq[Expression], Seq[Attribute]) => MutableProjection): AggregateProcessor

NOTE: apply is used exclusively when WindowExec is[executed] (and creates[WindowFunctionFrame] per AGGREGATE window aggregate functions, i.e. AggregateExpression or AggregateWindowFunction)

=== [[update]] Executing update on ImperativeAggregates -- update Method

[source, scala]

update(input: InternalRow): Unit

update executes the[update] method on every input <> sequentially (one by one).

Internally, update joins <> with the given InternalRow and converts the joined InternalRow using the MutableProjection function.

update then requests every <> to[update] passing in the <> and the input input rows.

NOTE: MutableProjection mutates the same underlying binary row object each time it is executed.

NOTE: update is used when WindowFunctionFrame[prepares] or[writes].

=== [[creating-instance]] Creating AggregateProcessor Instance

AggregateProcessor takes the following when created:

  • [[bufferSchema]] Schema of the buffer (as a collection of AttributeReferences)
  • [[initialProjection]] Initial MutableProjection
  • [[updateProjection]] Update MutableProjection
  • [[evaluateProjection]] Evaluate MutableProjection
  • [[imperatives]][ImperativeAggregate] expressions for aggregate functions
  • [[trackPartitionSize]] Flag whether to track partition size
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