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WriteToDataSourceV2 Logical Operator

WriteToDataSourceV2 is a logical operator that represents writing data.

NOTE: WriteToDataSourceV2 is deprecated for <> logical operator since Spark SQL 2.4.0.

WriteToDataSourceV2 is <> when:

  • DataFrameWriter is requested to save a DataFrame to a data source

  • Spark Structured Streaming's MicroBatchExecution is requested to run a streaming batch (with a streaming sink with StreamWriteSupport)

[[creating-instance]] WriteToDataSourceV2 takes the following to be created:

  • [[writer]] FIXME
  • [[query]] Child <>

[[children]] When requested for the child operators, WriteToDataSourceV2 gives the one <>.

[[output]] When requested for the <>, WriteToDataSourceV2 gives no attributes (an empty collection).

WriteToDataSourceV2 is planned (translated) to a <> physical operator (when <> execution planning strategy is requested to <>).