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UnresolvedTableValuedFunction Logical Operator

UnresolvedTableValuedFunction is a unresolved leaf logical operator that represents a table-valued function.

UnresolvedTableValuedFunction is resolved into a concrete LogicalPlan by ResolveFunctions logical analysis rule.

Creating Instance

UnresolvedTableValuedFunction takes the following to be created:

UnresolvedTableValuedFunction is created when:

Creating UnresolvedTableValuedFunction

  name: FunctionIdentifier,
  functionArgs: Seq[Expression]): UnresolvedTableValuedFunction
  name: String,
  functionArgs: Seq[Expression]): UnresolvedTableValuedFunction

apply creates a UnresolvedTableValuedFunction.


apply does not seem to be used beside the tests.

Node Patterns

nodePatterns: Seq[TreePattern]

nodePatterns is part of the TreeNode abstraction.

nodePatterns is the following: