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ShowTableProperties Logical Command

ShowTableProperties is a logical command that represents SHOW TBLPROPERTIES SQL statement.

sql("SHOW TBLPROPERTIES d1").show(truncate = false)
|key                   |value  |
|Type                  |MANAGED|
|delta.minReaderVersion|1      |
|delta.minWriterVersion|2      |

Creating Instance

ShowTableProperties takes the following to be created:

ShowTableProperties is created when:

Output Attributes

output: Seq[Attribute]

output is part of the Command abstraction.

output is two AttributeReferences:

  • key
  • value

Both are of StringType and non-nullable.

Execution Planning

ShowTableProperties is resolved to ShowTablePropertiesCommand logical command using ResolveSessionCatalog logical resolution rule.

ShowTableProperties is planned to ShowTablePropertiesExec physical command using DataSourceV2Strategy execution planning strategy.