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RebalancePartitions Unary Logical Operator

RebalancePartitions is a unary logical operator that represents a REBALANCE hint in a logical query plan.

Creating Instance

RebalancePartitions takes the following to be created:

RebalancePartitions is created when:


partitioning: Partitioning

partitioning is one of the following:

With no partition expressions, partitioning is RoundRobinPartitioning (with the numShufflePartitions). Otherwise, partitioning is a HashPartitioning (with the partition expressions and the numShufflePartitions).

partitioning is used when:

  • BasicOperators execution planning strategy is executed (for a RebalancePartitions logical operator)

Query Planning

RebalancePartitions logical operators are planned by BasicOperators execution planning strategy (to ShuffleExchangeExec physical operators).