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DataWritingCommand Logical Commands

DataWritingCommand is an extension of the UnaryCommand abstraction for logical commands that write the result of executing query (query data) to a relation (when executed).

Performance Metrics

Key Name (in web UI) Description
numFiles number of written files
numOutputBytes bytes of written output
numOutputRows number of output rows
numParts number of dynamic part
taskCommitTime task commit time
jobCommitTime job commit time


Output Column Names

outputColumnNames: Seq[String]

The names of the output columns of the analyzed input query plan

Used when:


query: LogicalPlan

The analyzed LogicalPlan representing the data to write (i.e. whose result will be inserted into a relation)

Used when:


  sparkSession: SparkSession,
  child: SparkPlan): Seq[Row]

Used when:


Execution Planning

DataWritingCommand is resolved to a DataWritingCommandExec physical operator by BasicOperators execution planning strategy.


  hadoopConf: Configuration): BasicWriteJobStatsTracker

basicWriteJobStatsTracker creates a new BasicWriteJobStatsTracker (with the given Hadoop Configuration and the metrics).

basicWriteJobStatsTracker is used when: