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DataSourceV2ScanRelation Leaf Logical Operator

DataSourceV2ScanRelation is a leaf logical operator and a NamedRelation.

Creating Instance

DataSourceV2ScanRelation takes the following to be created:

DataSourceV2ScanRelation is created when:


name: String

name is part of the NamedRelation abstraction.

name requests the DataSourceV2Relation for the Table that is in turn requested for the name.

Simple Node Description

  maxFields: Int): String

simpleString is part of the TreeNode abstraction.

simpleString is the following (with the output schema and the name):

RelationV2[output] [name]


computeStats(): Statistics

computeStats is part of the LeafNode abstraction.


Execution Planning

DataSourceV2ScanRelation is planned by DataSourceV2Strategy execution planning strategy to the following physical operators: