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AppendData Logical Command

AppendData is a <> that represents appending data (the result of executing a <>) to a <> (with the <> by <> or <>) in DataSource V2.

AppendData is <> (indirectly via <> or <> factory methods) only for tests.

NOTE: AppendData has replaced the deprecated <> logical operator.

[[creating-instance]] AppendData takes the following to be created:

  • [[table]] NamedRelation for the table (to append data to)
  • [[query]] <> (for the query)
  • [[isByName]] isByName flag

[[children]] AppendData has a single child logical operator that is exactly the <>.

AppendData is resolved by ResolveOutputRelation logical resolution rule.

AppendData is planned (replaced) to <> physical operator (when the <> is a <> logical operator).

=== [[byName]] byName Factory Method

[source, scala]

byName(table: NamedRelation, df: LogicalPlan): AppendData

byName simply creates a <> logical operator with the <> flag on (true).

NOTE: byName seems used only for tests.

=== [[byPosition]] byPosition Factory Method

[source, scala]

byPosition(table: NamedRelation, query: LogicalPlan): AppendData

byPosition simply creates a <> logical operator with the <> flag off (false).

NOTE: byPosition seems used only for tests.

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