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ResolveSQLOnFile Logical Evaluation Rule

ResolveSQLOnFile is an extended resolution rule for hive and non-hive sessions for Direct Queries on Files.

ResolveSQLOnFile is a logical rule.

Creating Instance

ResolveSQLOnFile takes the following to be created:

ResolveSQLOnFile is created when:

  • HiveSessionStateBuilder is requested for the Analyzer
  • BaseSessionStateBuilder is requested for the Analyzer

Executing Rule

  plan: LogicalPlan): LogicalPlan

apply is part of the Rule abstraction.

apply handles the following logical operators:


  u: UnresolvedRelation): Boolean

maybeSQLFile holds true when the following are all true:

  1. spark.sql.runSQLOnFiles is enabled
  2. The given UnresolvedRelation is two-part (i.e., uses a single . to separate the data source part from the path itself, datasource`.`path).