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PreWriteCheck Extended Analysis Check

PreWriteCheck is an extended analysis check that verifies correctness of a <> with regard to <> unary logical operator (right before analysis can be considered complete).

PreWriteCheck is part of the <> of the logical Analyzer in BaseSessionStateBuilder and HiveSessionStateBuilder.

PreWriteCheck is simply a <> of <> that...FIXME

=== [[apply]] Executing Function -- apply Method

[source, scala]

apply(plan: LogicalPlan): Unit

NOTE: apply is part of Scala's[scala.Function1] contract to create a function of one parameter.

apply traverses the input <> and finds <> unary logical operators.

  • [[apply-InsertableRelation]] For an InsertIntoTable with a <>...FIXME

  • For any InsertIntoTable, apply throws a AnalysisException if the <> is neither a <> nor one of the following leaf logical operators: Range, OneRowRelation, <>. +

    Inserting into an RDD-based table is not allowed.