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KafkaScan is a Scan (a logical scan over data in Apache Kafka).

Creating Instance

KafkaScan takes the following to be created:

  • Case-Insensitive Options

KafkaScan is created when:

Read Schema

readSchema(): StructType

readSchema is part of the Scan abstraction.

readSchema builds the read schema (possibly with records headers based on includeHeaders option).

Supported Custom Metrics

supportedCustomMetrics(): Array[CustomMetric]

supportedCustomMetrics is part of the Scan abstraction.

supportedCustomMetrics gives the following CustomMetrics:

  • OffsetOutOfRangeMetric
  • DataLossMetric


  checkpointLocation: String): MicroBatchStream

toMicroBatchStream is part of the Scan abstraction.

toMicroBatchStream validateStreamOptions.

toMicroBatchStream streamingUniqueGroupId.

toMicroBatchStream convertToSpecifiedParams.

toMicroBatchStream determines KafkaOffsetRangeLimit based on the following options (with LatestOffsetRangeLimit as the default):

toMicroBatchStream builds a KafkaOffsetReader for the following:

Argument Value
ConsumerStrategy strategy
driverKafkaParams Kafka Configuration Properties for Driver
readerOptions options
driverGroupIdPrefix streamingUniqueGroupId with -driver suffix

In the end, toMicroBatchStream creates a KafkaMicroBatchStream (Spark Structured Streaming) with the following: