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HiveClient is the <> for retrieving metadata from a Hive metastore.

NOTE:[HiveClientImpl] is the only available HiveClient in Spark SQL.

HiveClient offers safe variants of many methods that do not report exceptions when a relational entity is not found in a Hive metastore, e.g. <> for <>.

[[contract]] [source, scala]

package org.apache.spark.sql.hive.client

trait HiveClient { // only required methods that have no implementation // FIXME List of the methods def alterPartitions( db: String, table: String, newParts: Seq[CatalogTablePartition]): Unit def getTableOption(dbName: String, tableName: String): Option[CatalogTable] def getPartitions( catalogTable: CatalogTable, partialSpec: Option[TablePartitionSpec] = None): Seq[CatalogTablePartition] def getPartitionsByFilter( catalogTable: CatalogTable, predicates: Seq[Expression]): Seq[CatalogTablePartition] def getPartitionOption( table: CatalogTable, spec: TablePartitionSpec): Option[CatalogTablePartition] def renamePartitions( db: String, table: String, specs: Seq[TablePartitionSpec], newSpecs: Seq[TablePartitionSpec]): Unit }

.(Subset of) HiveClient Contract [cols="1m,2",options="header",width="100%"] |=== | Method | Description

| alterPartitions | [[alterPartitions]]

| getPartitions a| [[getPartitions]]

[source, scala]

getPartitions( db: String, table: String, partialSpec: Option[TablePartitionSpec]): Seq[CatalogTablePartition] getPartitions( catalogTable: CatalogTable, partialSpec: Option[TablePartitionSpec] = None): Seq[CatalogTablePartition]

Returns the CatalogTablePartition of a table

Used exclusively when HiveExternalCatalog is requested to list the partitions of a table

| getPartitionsByFilter | [[getPartitionsByFilter]] Used when...FIXME

| getPartitionOption | [[getPartitionOption]] Used when...FIXME

| getTableOption a| [[getTableOption]]

[source, scala]

getTableOption( dbName: String, tableName: String): Option[CatalogTable]

Retrieves a table metadata from a Hive metastore

Used when HiveClient is requested for a <>

| renamePartitions | [[renamePartitions]] Used when...FIXME

| version | [[version]] Hive version


=== [[getTable]] Retrieving Table Metadata From Hive Metastore -- getTable Method

[source, scala]

getTable( dbName: String, tableName: String): CatalogTable

getTable <> if available or throws a NoSuchTableException.

getTable is used when:

  • HiveExternalCatalog is requested for a table metadata

  • HiveClient is requested for <> or <>

  • HiveClientImpl is requested for[renamePartitions] or[alterPartitions]