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MetadataAttribute is an AttributeReference with __metadata_col internal metadata.

Creating Metadata AttributeReference

  name: String,
  dataType: DataType,
  nullable: Boolean = true): AttributeReference

apply creates an AttributeReference with __metadata_col metadata (and true value).

Destructuring Metadata AttributeReference

  attr: AttributeReference): Option[AttributeReference]

unapply returns the given AttributeReference if contains __metadata_col metadata key with true value. Otherwise, unapply returns None (an undefined value).

unapply is used when:


  metadata: Metadata): Boolean

isValid holds true when the given Metadata contains the __metadata_col entry.

isValid is used when:

  • RewriteMergeIntoTable logical rule is requested to buildWriteDeltaMergeRowsPlan
  • RewriteUpdateTable logical rule is requested to buildReplaceDataUpdateProjection and buildDeletesAndInserts
  • MetadataAttribute is requested to unapply
  • FileSourceMetadataAttribute is requested to isValid
  • MetadataColumnHelper is requested to isMetadataCol