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DynamicPruningSubquery Unevaluable Subquery Expression

DynamicPruningSubquery is a SubqueryExpression and a DynamicPruning predicate expression.

DynamicPruningSubquery is an unevaluable expression.

DynamicPruningSubquery is used by PlanDynamicPruningFilters physical optimization.

Creating Instance

DynamicPruningSubquery takes the following to be created:

  • Pruning Key Expression
  • Build Query LogicalPlan
  • Build Keys Expressions
  • Broadcast Key Index
  • onlyInBroadcast Flag
  • ExprId (default: NamedExpression.newExprId)

DynamicPruningSubquery is created when:

Textual Representation

toString: String

toString uses the exprId and conditionString to build a textual representation:

dynamicpruning#[exprId] [conditionString]