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WithCTEStrategy Execution Planning Strategy

WithCTEStrategy is an execution planning strategy to plan WithCTE and CTERelationRef logical operators.

Executing Rule

  plan: LogicalPlan): Seq[SparkPlan]

apply plans WithCTE and CTERelationRef logical operators.

For a WithCTE, apply removes the WithCTE layer by adding the CTERelationDefs to the (thread-local) collection of CTERelationDefs (by their IDs) and marking the logical plan to plan later.

For a CTERelationRef, apply finds the logical plan for the cteId (in the (thread-local) collection of CTERelationDefs) and creates a Project logical operator (over Alias expressions).

In the end, apply creates a ShuffleExchangeExec physical operator with the Project (to plan later), RoundRobinPartitioning output partitioning and REPARTITION_BY_COL shuffle origin.

apply is part of the GenericStrategy abstraction.