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JsonFileFormat -- Built-In Support for Files in JSON Format

[[shortName]] JsonFileFormat is a TextBasedFileFormat for json format (i.e. registers itself to handle files in json format and convert them to Spark SQL rows)."json").load("json-datasets")

// or the same as above using a shortcut"json-datasets")

JsonFileFormat comes with <> to further customize JSON parsing.

NOTE: JsonFileFormat uses[Jackson 2.6.7] as the JSON parser library and some <> map directly to Jackson's internal options (as JsonParser.Feature).

[[options]] [[JSONOptions]] .JsonFileFormat's Options [cols="1,1,2",options="header",width="100%"] |=== | Option | Default Value | Description

| [[allowBackslashEscapingAnyCharacter]] allowBackslashEscapingAnyCharacter | false a|

NOTE: Internally, allowBackslashEscapingAnyCharacter becomes JsonParser.Feature.ALLOW_BACKSLASH_ESCAPING_ANY_CHARACTER.

| [[allowComments]] allowComments | false a|

NOTE: Internally, allowComments becomes JsonParser.Feature.ALLOW_COMMENTS.

| [[allowNonNumericNumbers]] allowNonNumericNumbers | true a|

NOTE: Internally, allowNonNumericNumbers becomes JsonParser.Feature.ALLOW_NON_NUMERIC_NUMBERS.

| [[allowNumericLeadingZeros]] allowNumericLeadingZeros | false a|

NOTE: Internally, allowNumericLeadingZeros becomes JsonParser.Feature.ALLOW_NUMERIC_LEADING_ZEROS.

| [[allowSingleQuotes]] allowSingleQuotes | true a|

NOTE: Internally, allowSingleQuotes becomes JsonParser.Feature.ALLOW_SINGLE_QUOTES.

| [[allowUnquotedControlChars]] allowUnquotedControlChars | false a|

NOTE: Internally, allowUnquotedControlChars becomes JsonParser.Feature.ALLOW_UNQUOTED_CONTROL_CHARS.

| [[allowUnquotedFieldNames]] allowUnquotedFieldNames | false a|

NOTE: Internally, allowUnquotedFieldNames becomes JsonParser.Feature.ALLOW_UNQUOTED_FIELD_NAMES.

[[columnNameOfCorruptRecord]] columnNameOfCorruptRecord

| [[compression]] compression | a| Compression codec that can be either one of the known aliases or a fully-qualified class name.

| [[dateFormat]] dateFormat | yyyy-MM-dd a| Date format

NOTE: Internally, dateFormat is converted to Apache Commons Lang's FastDateFormat.

| [[multiLine]] multiLine | false | Controls whether...FIXME

| [[mode]] mode | PERMISSIVE a| Case insensitive name of the parse mode


| [[prefersDecimal]] prefersDecimal | false |

| [[primitivesAsString]] primitivesAsString | false |

| [[samplingRatio]] samplingRatio | 1.0 |

| [[timestampFormat]] timestampFormat | yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSXXX a| Timestamp format

NOTE: Internally, timestampFormat is converted to Apache Commons Lang's FastDateFormat.

[[timeZone]] timeZone
Java's TimeZone

=== [[isSplitable]] isSplitable Method

[source, scala]

isSplitable( sparkSession: SparkSession, options: Map[String, String], path: Path): Boolean


isSplitable is part of FileFormat abstraction.

=== [[inferSchema]] inferSchema Method

[source, scala]

inferSchema( sparkSession: SparkSession, options: Map[String, String], files: Seq[FileStatus]): Option[StructType]


inferSchema is part of FileFormat abstraction.

=== [[buildReader]] Building Partitioned Data Reader -- buildReader Method

[source, scala]

buildReader( sparkSession: SparkSession, dataSchema: StructType, partitionSchema: StructType, requiredSchema: StructType, filters: Seq[Filter], options: Map[String, String], hadoopConf: Configuration): (PartitionedFile) => Iterator[InternalRow]


buildReader is part of the FileFormat abstraction.

=== [[prepareWrite]] Preparing Write Job -- prepareWrite Method

[source, scala]

prepareWrite( sparkSession: SparkSession, job: Job, options: Map[String, String], dataSchema: StructType): OutputWriterFactory


prepareWrite is part of the FileFormat abstraction.