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  sparkSession: SparkSession,
  selectedPartitions: Seq[PartitionDirectory]): Long

maxSplitBytes can be adjusted based on the following configuration properties:

maxSplitBytes calculates the total size of all the files (in the given PartitionDirectoryies) with spark.sql.files.openCostInBytes overhead added (to the size of every file).


PartitionDirectory is a collection of FileStatuses (Apache Hadoop) along with partition values (if there are any).

maxSplitBytes calculates how many bytes to allow per partition (bytesPerCore) that is the total size of all the files divided by spark.sql.files.minPartitionNum configuration property.

In the end, maxSplitBytes is spark.sql.files.maxPartitionBytes unless the maximum of spark.sql.files.openCostInBytes and bytesPerCore is even smaller.

maxSplitBytes is used when: