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CatalogV2Util Utility


  provider: SupportsCatalogOptions,
  catalogManager: CatalogManager,
  options: CaseInsensitiveStringMap): TableCatalog


getTableProviderCatalog is used when:

  • DataFrameReader is requested to load (for a data source that is a [SupportsCatalogOptions])

  • DataFrameWriter is requested to save (for a data source that is a [SupportsCatalogOptions])

Loading Table

  catalog: CatalogPlugin,
  ident: Identifier): Option[Table]

loadTable requests the given CatalogPlugin (as a TableCatalog) to load the table by the Identifier.

loadTable returns the Table if available or None.

loadTable is used when...FIXME

Creating AlterTable Logical Command

  originalNameParts: Seq[String],
  catalog: CatalogPlugin,
  tableName: Seq[String],
  changes: Seq[TableChange]): AlterTable

createAlterTable converts the CatalogPlugin to a TableCatalog.

createAlterTable creates an AlterTable (with an UnresolvedV2Relation).

createAlterTable is used when:

  • ResolveCatalogs and ResolveSessionCatalog logical resolution rules are executed (and resolve AlterTableAddColumnsStatement, AlterTableReplaceColumnsStatement, AlterTableAlterColumnStatement, AlterTableRenameColumnStatement, AlterTableDropColumnsStatement, AlterTableSetPropertiesStatement, AlterTableUnsetPropertiesStatement, AlterTableSetLocationStatement operators)