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SupportsWrite Tables

SupportsWrite is an extension of the Table abstraction for writable tables.


Creating WriteBuilder

WriteBuilder newWriteBuilder(
  LogicalWriteInfo info)

Creates a WriteBuilder for writing (batch and streaming)


Used when:

  • V1FallbackWriters physical operator is requested to newWriteBuilder
  • CreateTableAsSelectExec, ReplaceTableAsSelectExec physical commands are executed
  • BatchWriteHelper physical operator is requested to newWriteBuilder
  • AtomicTableWriteExec physical command is requested to writeToStagedTable
  • StreamExecution stream execution engine (Spark Structured Streaming) is requested to createStreamingWrite


  • ConsoleTable (Spark Structured Streaming)
  • FileTable
  • ForeachWriterTable (Spark Structured Streaming)
  • KafkaTable
  • MemorySink (Spark Structured Streaming)
  • NoopTable