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SparkConnectService is a BindableService (gRPC).

Creating Instance

SparkConnectService takes the following to be created:

  • debug flag

SparkConnectService is created when:


start(): Unit

start startGRPCService.

start is used when:


startGRPCService(): Unit

startGRPCService reads the values of the following configuration properties:

Configuration Property Default Value
spark.connect.grpc.debug.enabled true
spark.connect.grpc.binding.port 15002

startGRPCService builds a NettyServerBuilder with the spark.connect.grpc.binding.port and a SparkConnectService.

startGRPCService registers interceptors.

startGRPCService builds the server and starts it.


gRPC Java
  request: proto.ExecutePlanRequest,
  responseObserver: StreamObserver[proto.ExecutePlanResponse]): Unit

executePlan is part of the SparkConnectServiceImplBase abstraction.

executePlan creates a SparkConnectStreamHandler (with the given StreamObserver) to let it handle the request.